Halit İslam İçli

Frontend Developer

Ankara, Turkey

Tools and Tech Skills

Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Figma, Webflow, Sketch, Illustrator

Industry Knowledge

Javascript, CSS, HTML, Next.js, React, Tailwind


Turkish(Native), English(A2)


Web Design and Programming

Anadolu University

2022 - Now

Computer Programming

Adnan Menderes University

2017 - 2019


About Me

After graduating from the programming department, I worked remotely on graphic design for about 5 years. I have been working to be a Front End Developer for the last 7 months and I am looking for a job in this field. Because of my old job, I give importance to design and visuality in my work.


Graphic Designer, Editor, Data Analysis

Suriye Gündemi





It is an impartial information sharing platform about Syria. My job task: Preparation of up-to-date maps according to the situation in the war zone. Preparing visual infographics about the obtained data and organizing these data. Adding articles and content to the site with Wordpress.

Content Creator, Videographer

Zore Aksesuar




(2 Months)

In this company that sells accessories for phones and technological products, I prepared the video edits of the new products and mounted them with Final Cut Pro. I shared my social media posts with Facebook Business.


CV Builder

With this project you can create real time CV. You can see the changes you have made live. Built with Tailwind and contextAPI.


My personal website, that I created with Next.js, Tailwind Css, Content Layer.

Weather App

In this work, a small project where I visualize the data from the API.

CV Builder

Hi guys, I designed this project for everyone to use and I still continue to design it. I will add more features and template designs soon. Please send me feedback if you like it.

To be more supportive, you can buy me a coffee so I can work harder.

Before using

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